Patrick Thomae

Dr. Thomae earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Georgia in 2005. He then earned his medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Georgia campus in 2011 and subsequently completed a transitional internship at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. After training, he was selected for flight surgery training and graduated with his Wings of Gold in 2013. Dr. Thomae completed his follow-on utilization tour and was selected as the Senior Medical Officer for Training Air Wing Six in Pensacola, Florida where he was nominated and selected as the Flight Surgeon of the Year, two years in a row. He completed Family Medicine Residency training at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital earned his board certification in January 2019. 

During his time on-station at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago, he was responsible for the care of 1,800 DOD beneficiaries and veterans as a Staff Family Medicine physician at the DOD Primary Care clinic where he served as the corpsman teaching champion.

Shortly after arriving, he was selected as the subject matter expert to represent all of Navy Family Medicine for a Gulf of Guinea deployment. Upon his return, he was hand selected by the commanding officer as the Senior Medical Officer for USS Tranquillity clinic. Dr. Thomae was responsible for the medical care of 50,000 recruits and the management of both civilian and military physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians. 

Dr. Thomae specializes in adults and pediatrics, with interests in sports medicine, women’s health, management of chronic illnesses including hypertension, asthma and diabetes and performing in-office procedures, as well as treatment of acute illnesses in adults and children.

Dr. Thomae is married with one daughter. 

During his free time, he enjoys running, Georgia football, watching movies and grilling outside.  Dr. Thomae is looking forward to establishing himself in the community and new church once he arrives in Augusta.