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  1. Danny D Ballard on

    Hello Dr. Apostol! This is Danny Ballard’s daughter Donna Anderson. My Dad is wanting to switch the time of day that he takes his medication without consulting you. The background on this is that when he first began taking Tamsulosin, it was prescribed by Dr. Tojino who told him that it was better to take at night. Last year he switched to the Kroger pharmacy from Walgreen’s and he happened to turn the bottle sideways and saw that he should be taking it 30 minutes after the same meal once a day. He had been taking it for years right before bed. So on Sunday we have a big family dinner for 12 with dessert but we wait a while for dessert. he had just taken his night time meds including the Tamsulosin last night and then ate dessert right afterwards. He got up this morning saying that he wanted to switch his Tamsulosin to 30 minutes after breakfast and all the rest with his lunch. Normally he takes D3, Multivitamins and Co-Q 10 with breakfast and the Pravastatin, Metoprolol, Xarelto and Tamsulosin 30 minutes after dinner. I talked him down and he agreed to wait until after I had consulted with you or Hannah. Thanks! Please advise. Please reply by email or call to 706-619-1982. I trying calling Hannah but she was not in and she is to call me back.


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